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Sea Crossings

Back in 2008, when St. Andrew’s did the big $2.5 million church and parish building renovation, we decided to take out a line of credit from the Bank of Tampa.  Well, when it was time for officers of both corporations to sign the papers, the bank informed us that we could save a considerable amount […]

No App Necessary

If you’ve ever been to a carnival, you’re familiar with the hokey games on the midway. Most of them are rigged to extract a few dollars from you, of course, and that stuffed bear you might win is actually worth less than the money you just plunked down on the counter. And then there’s the […]


With help from Wikipedia, these are the facts as we know them: Tomorrow, a total solar eclipse will be visible in a band across the entire contiguous United States. It will only be visible in other countries as a partial eclipse. The eclipse begins in Lincoln City, Oregon, at 8:46 a.m. PDT and ends in […]

Wired for Faith

If you’ve tried typing on that tiny keypad on your smart phone, you know that it’s pretty easy to make a mistake since your thumbs are as relative in size to the keys as LeBron James is to a Smart Car. Phone manufacturers know this, which is why they developed the ostensibly helpful feature called […]

Don’t Shave the Mountaintop

Picture a craggy mountaintop. Men appearing out of nowhere. A dark and terrifying cloud. Strange sounds and sights. The Transfiguration? No, not this time. The Battle of Blair Mountain. It was on a jagged peak in West Virginia, almost a century ago, that the biggest armed rebellion outside of the Civil War was fought. An […]

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