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Dream On

It was one of the biggest speeches of his career, and he knew it. Martin Luther King Jr. was already widely recognized as the spiritual leader of the American civil rights movement. The podium set up in front of the Lincoln Memorial on August 28, 1963, would be his bully-est pulpit ever. Dr. King’s riff […]

Being a Spiritual Finisher

What’s the most-visited home in America? The White House, of course. What’s the second most-visited home in America? Graceland: Elvis Presley’s opulent mansion in Memphis. Tourists flock to Washington to visit the mansion of the President. Others trek to Memphis to ogle the mansion of “The King.” The Magi originally had a more conventional idea […]

Manger Danger

We love the manger scene at Christmas-time. But if you think about it, a stable is not exactly the kind of place you’d want to have a baby. We would much prefer the hospital to a cave. We’d rather hear the controlled voice of a doctor and a labor coach than a cacophony of cows […]

A Dynasty of Grace

When you think of the word “dynasty,” what comes to mind? Some might think of the cheesy prime-time soap opera Dynasty from the 1980s, in which the Carrington family fought and manipulated their way to wealth and power. Others might think of the long dynasties of the kingdoms of the Far East (China’s Han and […]

The Best Gift of All

On a Christmas Eve not too long ago, passengers embarking on a WestJet Airlines flight to Toronto received a very special treat.  Just before the aircraft took off, the passengers were paid an unexpected visit by Santa Claus.  They were each asked what they wanted for Christmas. Some of the passengers wished for electronic gadgets […]

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