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Can Peter Preach?

A rector was leaving a congregation on his last Sunday. At the end of the service, he stood at the door while the people filed out and said their last goodbyes. One woman came to the priest weeping, full of emotion. The rector attempted to comfort her. “There, there, Hilda. Even though I’m leaving, I’m […]

Resurrection Life is the Real Life

Does anyone out there not have just a little bit of trouble swallowing the bait that those Survivor, Fear Factor, Amazing Race, Bachelor and Bachelorette programs are Reality TV? I mean, how many times does your real life demand that you immerse yourself in a vat of cockroaches? How many of you frequently bungee jump […]

Remember What’s Important

Albert Einstein, one of the most brilliant men who ever lived, at one time lived in a small frame house in Princeton, New Jersey. One day someone asked Einstein for his telephone number. He looked puzzled for a minute, then asked for a phone book (I know. Some of you are wondering, “What’s a phone […]

What Are You Driving?

A pastor was asked to speak for a certain charitable organization. After the meeting the program chairman handed the pastor a check. “Oh, I couldn’t take this,” the pastor said with some embarrassment. “Please use this for something else.” The program chairman asked, “Well, do you mind if we put it into our special fund?” […]

Living In the Light

Oversharing. It seems to happen all the time. We call it TMI: too much information. It’s the guy in the next cubicle who insists on showing you his rash. TMI. It’s Aunt Hilda explaining her issues with indigestion and irregularity. TMI. It’s the neighbor who insists on taking the trash to the curb in nothing […]

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