Ways in which you can give to Saint Andrew’s

  1. Make a pledge
    Download and complete the pledge form.
    Pledge form
  2. Direct Payment
    You can authorize scheduled payments from your bank account. Monthly and semi-monthly frequencies are available.
    Authorization form
  3. Electronic Giving
    Login or register for online donations by credit/debit card or direct payment from your bank account. One-time and recurring donation options are available.


According to IRS tax rules for charitable deductions, donors must deliver checks on or by December 31 to qualify for a charitable contribution deduction for that year. Checks that are placed in the church offering during the first worship service of the year (January 1st) will not qualify for a charitable contribution deduction for the previous year, even if the check is predated to the previous year or was actually written in the previous year. However, checks that are written, mailed and postmarked within the same year will be deductible for that year even if the church does not receive it until the following year.

How can I be a good steward?

Every fall we encourage everyone to sign pledge cards to our church – believing that it is part of our personal management of the material goods God has given us. St. Andrew’s in turn is managing God’s money in the many programs of this parish.

Beyond pledging your time, talent and treasure each year, St. Andrew’s has some special areas where you can donate money when you come to specific times that you want to say “Thank You” to God or remember a loved one. Consider the following:

Friends of Music
Altar Flowers
Youth Ministry
Outreach Committee
St. Andrew’s Foundation
Project FAITH Lunch Program
Christian Education