Advent Lessons and Carols

Sunday 5:00 pm
St. Andrew's Episcopal Church

Saint Andrew’s to continue its tradition of Nine Lessons and Carols for Christmas

Every year more churches throughout the United States are discovering the beauty of the simple traditional English service of “Nine Lessons and Carols.” The structure of the service is as simple as the title: nine passages of Scripture are followed by nine carols. But the content of those readings and the traditional way of conducting the service have become very meaningful to many congregations. The service has a profound dignity and simplicity. The lessons are each read by a different reader; the readers are representative of different age groups and roles within the church (child chorister, congregation member, Vestry person, priest, etc.) After each lesson, the congregation and/or choir sing a carol or anthem reflecting on that passage of Scripture. This service was first sung in 1880 in Truro, England, and has since been adapted and used by other churches all over the world.

Come join the Louise Lykes Ferguson Memorial Choir in celebrating this centuries-old tradition of Christmas which is enjoying a Renaissance in North America, followed by a festive Christmas Party with food and drink for all. Music by William Mathias, Boris Ord, Ralph Vaughan Williams, Otto Goldschmidtt, Franz Biebl, Tomas Luis de Victoria, Eric Whitacre, and Johann Sebastian Bach. Sunday, December 17th at 5:00pm with the annual Christmas Party immediately following in the Parish Hall.